Brian Shiozawa


Senator Shiozawa's Endorsements


Standing with Brian Shiozawa: Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Bell
"Doctor Brian Shiozawa will be a great asset in the State Senate. His deeply held convictions, rational approach and desire to do what is best for Utah will serve his district well.
"Brian is committed to doing what is right for his fellow citizens and for our great state. His collaborative approach to solving the issues we face has drawn broad support from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans!
"I encourage you to vote for Brian Shiozawa for State Senate District 8."
-Governor Gary Herbert
"Brian Shiozawa is the most qualified candidate in this race. As a former State Senator, I know that Brian has the skills and experience necessary to be an effective representative for his constituents and the compassion needed to truly stand up for them and their views as citizens."

-Former Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell

Standing with Brian Shiozawa: Elected Officials
  • Senator Wayne Niederhauser, Senate President
  • Senator Michael Waddoups, Former Senate President
  • Senator Scott Jenkins
  • Senator Stuart Adams, Majority Whip
  • Senator Wayne Harper
  • Aaron Osmond, Former Senator
  • Representative Curt Oda
  • Representative Stewart Barlow
  • Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore, Cottonwood Heights City
  • Mayor David Ted Eyre, Murray City
  • Mayor Tom Dolan, Sandy City
  • Mayor JoAnn B. Seghini, Midvale City
  • Mike Peterson, Cottonwood Heights City Council
  • Tee Tyler, Cottonwood Heights City Council
  • Scott Bracken, Cottonwood Heights City Council
  • Paul Hunt, Midvale City Council
  • Jim Brass, Murray City Council
  • Jack F. DeMann, Former State Representative from Murray
  • Patricia (Pat) W. Griffiths, Murray City Council (2002-2009)
  • Boyd Jensen, Former State and Local School Board Member
  • Carlene Walker, Former State Senator
  • Robby Russo, Cottonwood Heights Chief of Police
“Senator Shiozawa has proven himself a leader in the Utah State Senate.  He is a thoughtful, considerate and skilled in advancing important legislation.  At the same time he is attentive to his local constituents.  As Mayor of Cottonwood Heights, I have found Senator Shiozawa to be a listening ear and a strong advocate for any issues important to the city of Cottonwood Heights.  We are fortunate to have such a respected legislator representing our city and I gladly endorse his re-election effort!” 

--Kelvyn Cullimore, Mayor of Cottonwood Heights

"My wife and I know Brian. We find him to be a man of good ideas and genuine desire to serve the people of this district. We urge you to vote for him this Election Day."

--Jack F DeMann, Former Murray Representative

"I wholeheartedly endorse Brian Shiozawa! I have found him to be a man of integrity; a professional whose knowledge, experience, values, and common-sense approach will bring innovative solutions to the challenges we face on economic issues, health care, and education. Please join me in electing him as our representative of Utah Senate District 8."

--Patricia (Pat) W. Griffiths, Murray City Council (2002-2009)

"Brian Shiozawa has the knowledge, experience and expertise that our State desperately needs in the Legislature. Brian will be a true advocate for us and our concerns. I encourage everyone to join me and vote for Brian Shiozawa!"

--Jim Brass, Murray City Council

"I personally know Brian to be a caring, compassionate and exceptional leader. He knows what it is to listen, understand, and act upon the needs of our community. Brian will be a strong voice of reason and consideration in the Senate!"

--Paul Hunt, Midvale City Council

"I am very impressed with Brian Shiozawa and his commitment to public service. He is a man of true character and genuine dedication. Brian Shiozawa will be the balanced voice of reason that our State desperately needs."

--Tom Dolan, Mayor of Sandy City


Standing with Senator Shiozawa:

  • Utah Public Employees Association
  • American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO)
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • Sierra Club
  • Medical Association
  • Hospital Association