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In September, I was interviewed on Politics up Close.  We talked about healthcare reform, support for public education, and the campaign for Senate District 8!  Listen at  In October Dr. Hugo Rodier and I talked on KTALK's Integrative Health Show.  Listen at (2012 1014.mp3).    

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Health Care

We have the best Health Care in the world, but it is too expensive--for individuals, families, businesses and our State. It is even more expensive since the "Affordable Care Act" was passed. This year several insurance companies are projecting double digit increases in premiums for 2013. This is unsustainable. We cannot get into our clinics when we need to and are forced to go more expensive alternatives, like ERs. We need more access points for medical care. We can significantly lower health care costs through medical liability reforms and still maintain high quality care and fair compensation for injury. We need innovations in health care policy and delivery. For more information about my thoughts regarding healthcare reform, visit my blog.

Public Education

We need to attract, hire and retain good teachers. Our classes are just too big. We need to reward excellence. We need good, responsive programs and curricula to stay competitive and give our children the best start for careers and higher education. We need a good partnership between parents and schools. I am pleased to be endorsed by the Utah Education Association, Canyons Education Association, EducationFirst, and educators across the valley. For more information on my thoughts about how to improve Utah education, visit my blog at

Public Safety

We need safe, drug free, harassment free schools. We need drug free and distraction free streets and highways. We should not be fearful to drive, nor live in our homes or walk in our neighborhoods. We need strong support for our police, fire and emergency medical services.  I am pleased by be endorsed by the Utah Public Employees' Association.  This organization represents our fine public employees who make everything in this great state run.  The excellent condition of our state is a tribute to their good work.  I will be a strong advocate for their interests and the interests of all District 8 residents on Capitol Hill.

Support for Small Business

These are the core of our economy and our stability: help our employers prosper to keep hiring and retaining their work forces and keep unemployment down. We need fair regulations and lower taxes to keep our business strong.

Honesty and Ethics

Elect hardworking, honest and responsible local and state leaders who will work for their communities. We need clear rules for ethical government leadership.

Support for Our Local Communities

I believe in strong, local government by the people who live in and work in their own communities. They best know the needs and directions for governance.